Rhode Island gas prices down 3 cents per gallon

Gulf Coast refinery operations improved almost 10% for the week ending September 15, according to the Department of Energy. However, it's expected the pipeline will return to normal deliveries by the end of the month.

Good news for Tennessee drivers, according to AAA.

For Tuesday, AAA reported a national average retail price for regular unleaded gasoline at $2.57 per gallon, slightly less than for Monday and about 1.8 percent lower than one week ago.

AAA Michigan surveys daily fuel prices at 2,800 gas stations across the state. "Gasoline inventories are continuing to recover after hurricanes Harvey and Irma, and that's helping to put downward pressure on gas prices".

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On Monday, the USA average price was $2.57, down about 5 cents in the past week but still well above the $2.35 of a month ago, according to travel group AAA's daily fuel survey.

"For the second straight week, nearly every state saw average gasoline prices fall notably as refineries continue to heal after Harvey and work on restoring production of motor fuels.", said Patrick DeHaan, senior petroleum analyst for GasBuddy. With refineries after Hurricane Harvey hard at work to restore production of gas, the Great Lakes and Central States have their inventories fill up faster to make it the largest of any region in the country. IN and MI tied for the largest declines by price, though MI saw the largest decline in terms of percent to move below pre-Harvey levels. The price for Brent crude oil, the global benchmark, is up 10 percent since the start of the month.

The table below compares the YTD change in gas prices this year to where prices were at the same point in prior years dating back to 2005.

  • Adam Floyd