World's heaviest woman, Eman Ahmed, dies in Abu Dhabi

Miss Ahmed Abd El Aty, a 37-year-old Egyptian woman believed to be "the heaviest in the world", has died in a hospital in the United Arab Emirates.

But the hospital announced this morning she had passed away in the early hours from underlying health conditions including heart disease and kidney dysfunction. However, she said Eman's health condition had improved after shifting to Abu Dhabi hospital. Doctors in Mumbai said she would go through physiotherapy in Abu Dhabi's VPS Burjeel.

Eman was kept on a strict diet at Abu Dhabi and was being treated for her seizures and severe depression. "Her smile has come back".

Last month, Eman Ahmed had celebrated her birthday at hospital with her family and doctors. It's unclear if she was in surgery at the time of her death. Let me tell you because of obesity, the weight of the Eman was 500 kg, thats why she was said to be the world's heaviest woman.

Eventually she lost the strength to move on her own and was bedridden for 25 years.

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She died because of multiple complications - including intestinal shock and kidney failure - during her weight loss treatment at the hospital.

Ms Selim had started a social media campaign to seek help for her sister, but when she was refused a visa to India for her treatment bariatric surgeon Dr Muffazal Lakdawala stepped in.

"We never thought something like this will happen to her".

Offered this "new hope", the family and doctors began documenting Abd El Aty's journey on a blog called "Save Eman".

She first had surgery in Mumbai, losing about 317kg after being transported from Egypt on a specially adapted cargo plane following a tweet to India's foreign minister pleading for help.

  • Adam Floyd