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There are people who have used me so much, they have received the best of me, people with whom I was once too good and who never valued anything, who expected me to do everything to make them calm, while I I was dawning and I spent days thinking about solutions. And when one day I could not, when one day I said "no" they devoured me alive. They humiliated me, hurt me, destroyed me and killed the good person I was. And I realized that all this time had been bait of vultures, that kept me alive while I did the things they wanted for when I could not, destroy me.

Support me to talk about me, to murmur, to lie and say things that were not true, to make me look bad, to let them say that I was the problem, that they were the good guys. And I did not defend myself, I could not anymore.

for when life | Tumblr

And when I began to realize everything and treat them as they should, they complained. They told me that I was not the one to be treated badly, to respond or to complain, but no one told them that they were not who to destroy me, to make me feel bad after everything that helps them, nobody made them become aware of everything they said.

And they spent their lives complaining about how I treated them, but I never went back to being the one who was with them one day. They did not deserve it.

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  • Adam Floyd