A's Maxwell Kneels During National Anthem

"You don't have to be courageous to do it".

As per tradition, towards the end of the regular season, veterans on baseball's various clubs haze the rookies by making them dress up and do something a bit embarrassing. "When [Colin] Kaepernick was doing it past year, I supported Kaepernick doing that". That tells me that I did my job as a Dad, because he cares about society.

Afterward Maxwell said he wasn't disrespecting the military, the constitution, or the country. Maxwell's teammates stood in a line next to him.

If you're curious, that's Mark Canha, #20, with his hand on Maxwell's shoulder. Some were more expansive in their responses than others.

Before he made his protest, this is what Maxwell tweeted. "You look at what Bruce did yesterday with his hand over his heart (while kneeling). I'm kneeling for a cause but I'm in no way disrespecting my country or my flag".

While many fans have reached out to Maxwell with positive messages, the A's catcher has also received a slew of threats from people who disagree with his political beliefs.

"He felt like he needed to make a statement that people would see", DeShields said.

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Maxwell, the son of a U.S. army veteran, was born in Wiesbaden, Germany and played high school baseball in Alabama.

Maxwell posted a strong response on Instagram opposing President Donald Trump's recent criticism of National Football League players who kneel during the anthem.

On Saturday afternoon, while standing in the outfield during batting practice, Maxwell, a backup catcher with Oakland, explained to DeShields that he planned to kneel during the National Anthem. He is now recovering from a concussion and was not in the lineup Saturday or Sunday.

Bruce Maxwell was well aware of the scrutiny that would follow his decision to kneel during the national anthem and he's already dealing with it. A's starter Kendall Graveman came out of that meeting firmly in Maxwell's corner.

"I thought it was very courageous", Davis said.

Maxwell knelt for the anthem in Oakland prior to the A's taking on the Texas Rangers.

"Baseball has a lot of interesting dynamics that I'm not sure, I don't know if they exist in other sports or not because I'm not in those sports", Canha said.

  • Adam Floyd