Amazing place to go! - Review of Rene Egli Fuerteventura, Costa Calma, Spain - TripAdvisor

I have just completed a beginner's Kite-course at René's school.

Awesome experience, I enjoyed the course so much! In only 6 hours (2 Days) I really learned a lot (starting from zero!).

The crew seemed very supportive and everybody I met was keen to help.

On top of that my instructor, Franco, has been simply perfect: in a group of 3 people (that's the school's standard), I have managed 3 very different skills, age, nationalities, experiences and learning abilities, I am sure, satisfying all of us ! Running from one pupil to the other to explain a new exercise or give the right advices, he was able to adapt his teaching style to our needs. This made the course fruitful for each one of us. Qualified and very professional.

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Just a few comments:

1) if I pay 6 hours course, I expect to have 6 hours course. If the lesson starts at 10, the appointment will be half an hour before in order to settle payment, choose the equipment, wear it and move to the spot.

2) (most important) you should have more respect for the awesome natural paradise you are using. It should not be a big effort, for such an organization, to keep the spot cleaner : Uncut dead tree and palm branches, dead leafs, cigarettes butts and rubbish are left just where they are (but, unfortunately, I noticed this behavior is quite common in Fuerteventura ...)

A little maintenance to the palm grove will surely create the safer and even better and more cozy environment.

  • Adam Floyd