Hello !, I attended asleep.

I can not stand it any more, I can not stand it any more, said an increasingly desperate voice that intercalated the crying. Hello.What happened?. She sensed what was happening, a conflicted relationship delayed in her climax.

I can not take it any longer, my body hurts, my head, I can not stand it any more, I can not stand it anymore !!! The woman was still crying and shouting, still talking.

What did you do now? "but his words covered the others." It's always the same, I can not take it any more, I'd take all the pills ... "and exploded in grief and tears that could be felt.

Listen to me, listen to me, are you there? Pay attention to me, we are going to laugh at this in a while, everything changes and happens, please ... are you listening to me? I promise it happens and you're going to be OK again and that stupid! ... stay away !!!! What did you do?

No, no, nooo !. I can not take anymore! I'm going to stick a fork in the veins, I can not stand it anymore! and the call was cut off.

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It was very late, the dawn of a weekday when he picked up that phone. At that distance he could not communicate again, it was another city and everything had been through a cell phone that he did not know.

She was restless and distressed ... they were both in that state. The consolation could be a warm embrace, a soulful restraint, a plate of food, a glass of water, a watchful eye listening to her. But it was not possible, all she could do was to transform that other's anguish into herself, feeling it deeply to relieve her friend of that pain. He worked on it, concentrated and was influenced by that soul.

A few minutes later he went to the kitchen waiting for him to call again. He drank water and felt dizzy with nausea, a distant hum. He thought he had fallen to the ground when he was at a brisk pace to his bed and leaned back, wishing he did not die in that moment of an acv.

The phone rang again.

I cut myself! before he told her and he was silent.

Please listen carefully, I love you very much, do you know? ... "The woman nodded." I went through this that happens to you and I can assure you that everything is transformed. Do not take anything, do not hurt yourself anymore. You will see that you feel better, trust me? Hey! trust me! Please, I can not do anything from here, I'd hold you tight but I can not.
The woman listened carefully, more calm, seemed sedated, something had changed.

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