Money plant symbol of good luck and good fortune - YouTube

Legend has it that who owns and cares for The money plant will never lack money in his house and this will attract the goddess fortune.
In our country almost all housewives know it as a money plant or euro plant and even the Feng Shui followers attribute the power to attract wealth.
From a time to this part this plant has experienced a strong increase in interest, so much so that it is almost difficult to miss in any home.
It has the advantage that it is very docil to grow in different climatic and soil conditions. Its favorite habitat is the shade or semi-shade and to multiply it as easy as taking a stem with leaves and bury one end of it directly on the ground by removing the low leaves previously.
If we plant it directly in the land of the garden it will become creeping covering the whole soil and if we plant it in a flowerpot it will grow like a hanging plant.

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  • Adam Floyd