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An ill-begotten son is ashamed to his father, and if he is a daughter, he will bring ruin. the one who has no shame grieves her father.
A blatant daughter dishonors the father and the husband, and both will despise it.
An inopportune speech is like joyous music at a funeral; punishment and correction always bring good sense.-Teaching a fool is to want to hit a broken pot
or to wake up someone deeply asleep.- Talking to a fool is like talking to a drowsy; will ask: "What is it?"
She cries for a dead man, because she lacks the light;
she cries for a fool, for she is lacking in reason; she cries less for the dead, for she has rested The life of a fool is worse than death.
The mourning for the dead lasts seven days

for the fools and the bad ones, all the days of his life.
Do not talk much with a fool, or visit a fool. he, so that he will not have problems
and that does not fill you with dirt when you shake.
Stay away from him, and you will live calmly and you will not be disturbed by his folly. Lead?
Yes, "the fool" is his name.
It is easier to load sand, salt or an iron ball, than to support a fool.

Beams embedded in a wall
do not easily fall into a quake

well, a will supported by sensible reflection
will not fear in the moment of danger.
Decision based on reason and intelligence
is like plastering on a smooth wall

A fence placed on top of a rock
does not withstand the wind,
and a timid heart and full of silly ideas
do not withstand any threat.

Fidelity to friends

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