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Cyanerpes cyaneus is a small bird of the family Thraupidae. It is distributed in the tropics of the New World, from the south of Mexico to Peru, Bolivia, the center of Brazil and the Guianas. Also in Trinidad and Tobago, and in Cuba, an island where it may have been introduced.


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Adults are 12 cm in length and weigh 14 g; have a medium-sized, black and slightly curved beak. The males are violet blue plumage, with black wings with a violet blue stripe in the middle of them, and the bottom, visible only in flight, is lemon yellow. The tail and back are also black, and also a mask around the eyes. The legs are bright red. They have a turquoise blue crown.

Females and immatures are opaque green, lighter in the ventral parts, which are lightly scratched. The legs of the females are reddish brown, and that of the immature, brown. The adult male is one of the few tropical birds that changes its plumage during the breeding season; outside breeding season the blue-violet parts of its plumage become green, the back and crown also turn green; being thus with a plumage similar to the one of a female but with black wings.

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