the dinosaurs

1. Characteristics of the Mesozoic era? It is also often called the era of reptiles, because this animal class dominated the Earth during all this time. It began 245 million years ago and includes the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. The fossils guide this era are a group of extinct cephalopods, called ammonites, and certain extinct forms of sand dollars and sea urchins.

Encarta query library - 2. Orogeny, a set of geological processes that occur at the edges of the tectonic plates and give rise to the formation of an orogen or mountain chain. Orogenic and epirogenic

3 - What is the tectonic movement of plates?

It is the movement of the internal forces of the orogenic and epogenic earth

OROGENICS: Internal forces that create relief
EPIROGENICS: It is the force that originates the lifting of the reliefs are common:
Folding, outcropping, etc.

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4 - Main reliefs of an orographic system?

The types of reliefs that have orographic systems are the most im are:

The plateaus of the Cordilleras and the Picos de las Picos
The tips of Tablazos and the Cordilleras of the Colinas and Valleys of the Pines

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5.- How were the oceans and continents formed, explaining the main theories and chemical elements found?
They formed from the lava that flowed from the interior liquid of the planet to the surface of the Earth.

When they hardened, the remaining sedimentary plateaus became the continents that now cover approximately 30% of the Earth's surface.

Continental drift, movement experienced by continents on the earth's surface.

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6.- What characteristics do we find in the flora and fauna?

of species while the vegetation refers to the distribution of the species and to the relative importance, by number of individuals and size, of each one of them. Therefore, the flora, according to the climate and other environmental factors, determines the vegetation. This depends both on abiotic factors (temperature, availability of water) and biotic factors. Among these stand out the possible relationships of competition or predation between species. Animals are often very sensitive to disturbances that alter their habitat; therefore, a change in the fauna of an ecosystem indicates an alteration in one or more of the factors of this ecosystem.

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7.- ¿ What is a dinosaur, characteristics, species?

Dinosaur, a reptile group that appeared about 230 million years ago (during the Triassic) and died about 65 million years ago (late Cretaceous) They were small, light-bodied animals, bipedal (supported on two legs), carnivorous or omnivorous. They were very primitive.

They were likely to be faster and more agile than those that came later.

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