This remote couple tries to keep their love alive with an interesting proposal | Upsocl

No long-distance relationship is easy. Beyond the confidence you have, it is difficult to fit into the schedules, or give yourself time to share properly. When you can not see, or hug and the miles separate, the thing becomes a little more complicated. Not everyone is able to handle it in the best way, but there are ways to do it.

Technology helps a lot, and that's what Danbi Shin and Seok Li understood. This couple is separated by 14 hours of difference. Danbi lives in New York, while Seok is in South Korea. That's the distance!

In addition to being able to speak through all the channels that can be have found another way to share. The element that unites them is art. And so, they invented an entertaining project called Half & Half. In this, they combine everyday photographs with the same focus (for example, their hands) and make a collage.

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They can be landscapes, objects that they saw in passing, a sunset or what they ate. Everything is portrayed, putting together a photograph of her and another of him . It's quite striking and original.

At least they've been able to creatively exploit the distance . In addition, they compare their lives to what they are different, and what they resemble. An interesting contrast between the North American culture and the South Korean culture is also generated.

Regardless of geographically separate, this initiative has kept them together, among other things. A sample of how creative love can be. And with technology and commitment, nothing is impossible. Finally this would be a kind of hobby for them, but it should be entertaining to see the similarities and differences, as well as knowing the day of the other through images.


  • Adam Floyd