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Has anyone else thought that Pringles cans are perfect for ... any use other than potatoes?

you can do to reuse a Pringles can.

This seems to be the classic choice for Pringles cans. Apparently, the cans are too thin to serve as an antenna, but do not stop people to try. By simply adding a few pieces, you can build a directional antenna. You just have to be careful when you do it, although it seems that everything can be used to pick up some WiFi.

# 2 pinhole camera

more secure than building a can-antenna to steal WiFi (which, as mentioned above, does not work so well with Pringles cans) is to make a pinhole camera. The quality of your picture will be nothing compared to the latest cameras, not even with a basic camera phone, but it is just as well to make a camera something that would otherwise become garbage.

If you want to get the potatoes from the bottom of the can, and you find that your hand does not fit, you can just blow it out.

If you have a little hydrogen on hand, inflate a balloon with it, then you have a couple of holes in the can leaving a balloon inside the balloon through one, lighting a match in the other hole and waiting for some seconds. The can will fly like a rocket leaving the potatoes on the table, ready to eat. It looks great, but if you try at home do it under your own responsibility and precautions.

# 4 Play Mini Golf

If you have some spare time at the weekend, or you're trapped at home by the rain, you can manage to build your own mini golf course with a can of Pringles.

# 5 Pringles Canyon

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# 6 Macro lens Pringles

Macro lenses are great for taking close-up shots and detailing the textures of objects. But macro lenses are very expensive. this project only requires a standard SLR lens, a Pringles can, some glue, some spray paint, a piece of black cloth, a cutter and you'll get your macro lens for just over $ 10, assuming you already have the cutter. And yes, you can try it at home.

# 7 Light for the macro lens

macro need lots of light. With a hand-held flashlight, a piece of paper napkin and an elastic band, you'll have a light source with filter for your pictures.

# 8 Being buried in a Pringles can >

Sadly, "geeks" are also deadly. Since this post goes around reusing Pringles cans to save a little, and funerals are expensive, these cans are useful. When the food science of Procter & Gamble Dr. Frederic Baur, whose long career included the design of the famous brand packaging , died in 2008 at the age of 89, his family honored him with his last request: Que a part of his ashes were buried in his creation.

It seems that the cans of Pringles invite people to do once they finish their salty content Have you ever tried to do something interesting with a tin of Pringles?

  • Adam Floyd