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    decrease of the species in its natural habitat. Currently, agroforestry systems (AFSs) are shaping up to be an alternative for obtaining timber-yielding products, alleviating anthropogenic pressure, since they are established in soils of low agricultural aptitude, such as acid soils in Tabasco, Mexico; there have been measures taken to improve their properties through improvement with dolomite lime. The effect of whitewashing on the organic matter (OM) of the soil was estimated, and the development of mahogany trees on a humic Acrisol during its first year was determined, in a mahogany-citrus AFS on savannah. The mahogany was planted in royal frame (6 × 6 m) between Persian lime (Citrus latifolia L.), applying a kilogram of lime and fertilizer (NPK). The fertility of the soil was characterized to be 0-30 cm in depth. The effect of whitewashing on the OM was evaluated by analyzing samples from four profiles (120 cm) over which the OM, nitrogen (N), inorganic nitrogen (Nin) and soluble organic carbon (Cos) were determined. The results showed positive effects of whitewashing on Cos and Nin in the first 40 cm. In the development of mahogany trees, statistical differences were found in height and diameter.

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