Vivero Verdesencia

AZUCENA DE RÍO Hippeastrum petiolatum

Description: Species native to Argentina. It is a bulbous plant, with large bulbs (10 to 15 cm in diameter) that produce many lateral bulbillos. Measures between 30 and 40 cm high. It has lanceolate leaves, dark green, 20 to 50 cm long, arranged in a basal rosette. The plant can produce up to three scapes per season, in each of which four flowers are presented. These are red or orange, very showy, and measure 15 cm long by 10 cm in diameter.

Cultivation: It grows both in the sun and in the shade, but blooms better in more enlightened places. The soil may be moist but well drained. When cultivated in pots, it is important to ensure good drainage. In suitable growing conditions, it does not lose leaves throughout the year.

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Care: It is attacked by ants and bed bugs, which cause stains on the leaves. This species does not bear fruits and reproduces exclusively by lateral bulbillos.

Rec. The genus Hippeastrum possesses several species with large flowers of different colors that are used for cut flower.

Height: 30 to 40 cm
Diameter: 60 cm
Flowering: Spring Light: Full sun by shade
Watering: Abundant

  • Adam Floyd