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You came out of the temple one day when you were crying, when I passed by, I saw you.
Beautiful huipil you were weeping, the virgin I believed.

Ay of my weeping, weeping, weeping of a lily field. He who does not know loves, he cries, he does not know what is martyrdom.

I do not know what the flowers have, weeping, the flowers of a holy field that when the wind moves, weeping , it seems that they are crying.

Woe to my crying, crying, crying woman take me to the river.Tap me with your rebozo, cry, because I'm dying of cold.

Two kisses I carry in my soul, crying that they do not depart from me:
utlimo of my mother, crying and the first one I gave you.

Everyone tells me the black Llorona, black but affectionate. > I am like the green chile, Llorona, spicy but tasty.

Ay de mi Llorona, Llorona, Llorona of yesterday and today.
Yesterday I was wonder, I was crying, and now I'm not a shadow.

Oh, I'm crying, I'm crying, I'm crying.

They say that I have no grief, I cry because they do not see me cry.

If there are dead who do not make noise, cry, The moon at your feet I put, weeping, with the sun I crowned you.

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Grief and what is not grief, weep, Everything is pity for me;
Yesterday I cried to see you, Ay crying, And today I cry because I saw you.

I climbed the tallest pine, weeping, To see if I saw you. As the pine was very tender, crying, crying.

Every time the night comes, she cries, I start to think and say:
What good is the bed, I cry, If you do not sleep with me < / p>

From the sea came a letter, weeping, who sent me the siren,
And in the letter I said, weeping, Who has love has sorrow.

I do not know what they have the flowers, crying, The flowers of the cemetery that when the wind moves them, weeps, It seems that they are crying.

To a holy christ of iron, weeping, my sorrows I told him.

The bells of course say, weeping, his tears, that the holy Christ wept. If you die, I die with you, you cry, If you live I still love you.

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Here I do not put video, because this song is in the public domain (although personally, the version of Eugenia León . or the one of Chavela Vargas xD) ... and besides, something funny happens with the letter . because it seems that each interpreter puts the letter to him that wants xD or at least I heard it with different letter in every version . and this is the most complete version I found.

Oh . and before they say anything about the eyes, it's that they are ghost eyes xD

  • Adam Floyd