Beach Carmel | Visit California

With its white sand and idyllic landscape (bordered by wind-blown cypresses and crowned cliffs with picturesque cottages and billions of dollars worth of views), this crescent-shaped area about 1 mile / 2 km long is a spectacular place to relax and play. Kids love to build sandcastles right on the surf boundary line or take a dip in the calm waves (you should just know that the water is quite cool: it has a temperature of about 60 ° F / 15.5 ° C , even in summer).

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Carmel Beach is not only a paradise for people; is also a zone of canine fun: in this beach that accepts dogs, you will find furry pets playing and running with their owners. It is very possible that there is fog, especially from May to August, but if you stay for a while, the sun is often seen. Generally, the days of autumn and winter are clear, fresh and beautiful. Parking, especially during the summer and on weekends, can be a challenge as the official parking lot is not very big.

A little further south, Carmel River State Beach is a quieter option with golden sand dunes and a wide variety of seabirds, including canopy pickaxes, brown pelicans, white and black oysters (try if you can distinguish their long and red peaks like fire).

  • Adam Floyd