The Peli of the Week: Beautiful at Night (2016)

There is a sequence in Bellas de noche - the documentary directed by María José Cuevas on five of the most important vedettes in Mexico during the seventies and eighties - where the legendary and sexagenarian Lyn May reports that what she enjoys most in life is "sport and sex," and then reveals that she exercises daily "like ten hours" and has sex "three times a day". However, the beautiful exercise of involuntary humor reaches its climax when the coast states that "the richest of all" is to have sex in the cup of "trees like these." The director, in wonder, exclaims "how are these? ... but how do I get there?", While the camera focuses on the enormous altitude of the treetops surrounding the interviewee. "Ah well ... you get up like this ..." May answers while doing the mime of climbing with his hands "is that of course ... I am from Acapulco".

Delirious scenes like the previous one are the norm in the picturesque footage of Bellas de Noche , the brilliant culmination of a personal project by María José Cuevas, which became a documentary that captivates and destroys the female effigies that shaped the golden era of kitsch in Mexican cinema and theater.

The Peli of the Week: Beautiful at Night (2016)

Olga Breeskin, Lyn May, Princess Yamal, Wanda Seux and Rossy Mendoza make up the unbeatable cast of this endearing count of artistic and emotional shipwrecks, that part of the stellar moments of each one of the five protagonists -cargados of brillantina, skins, multicolored plumages and unrestricted sensuality- and lands in the sunset of the five goddesses that, forgotten by means that once they clung to them, clinging to the ever more elusive memories and hoping to someday re-tread a stage.

The documentary film of María José Cuevas remains for posterity and deserves to be seen. The singing of the swan of five women before definitive oblivion.

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  • Adam Floyd