Once again, labor issues have kept me offline but it is not so bad as I had the opportunity to choose the subject calmly and develop it in detail. Today it is the turn of the Archery Archives, the paradise on earth for every admirer of King Arthur.
The collection is located in the Clwyd Library and information department in the buildings of the county of Flintshire, Wales. It has international recognition but has been given little diffusion, Arthurian societies, study groups and authors are the ones who speak about its existence. The TV series "Merlin" of the BBC made a special one hour entitled "The real Merlin and Arthur" where the actors visited places of interest Arthur in Gáles, in this episode mentions the existence of the collection, unfortunately the actors did not arrive on time and could not record there. As I was left with the doubt, I set out to investigate the exact location and if it was open to pubic in general, so I wrote an email to the Flintshire County offices, who in turn contacted me with Robert Williams, in charge of Library Services. Rob gave me all the information I needed, maps, phone numbers and personal with whom to come on the day of my visit.

With all the data in hand I included the Archive as one of the must visits during my stay in United Kingdom: Mia, Rick, Caesar and I drove from Manchester to Mold, Flintshire, got lost a bit inside the parking lot and took a couple of laps as there are many buildings and we had to call them to get us oriented; already in the place we received the same Rob that answered to my multiple mails :) which gave me a lot of confidence and security to ask about everything and feel at home in the library.

Map of the buildings of the Mold County

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Services and information entry

The British Library sponsored the production of the printed catalog, Ian Dyson was responsible for collecting all books and authors and separating them by topic, language and period. For now the collection is divided into two, one in its main hall on the ground floor and another on the first floor along with the other books in the library, the hours are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm from Monday to Friday . I had been told to make an appointment a day earlier but Robert told me that you can go without a pre-appointment within the established timetables.

It would really be difficult for travelers to sit down and read each book carefully, but it deserves to be spread and visited so that more people know and above all to take care of the value it deserves, I hope you have enjoyed this virtual tour through the Archives of Wales, if you want more pictures of the books visit my Pinterest board : this was written by a Welsh Raven ...

  • Adam Floyd