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Adimu, Offerings, Baths At the foot of the orishas

Offering For Good Luck:

All those who have a holy deed should feed a bowl to Elegba, 2 white hens to Obatala and 2 roosters to Chango. This should be done on the first days of the month of January during these five years. The results of these offerings are for health, firmness and stability.

Bath for good luck:

1 liter of milk of goat, or cow, half a cup of juice white, medium-size juice of verdolaga, half a cup of juice removes curse and an Echo, half bolade husk and half bar of cocoa butter. All this is mixed well in a tubocon water and is placed in front of the soup of Obatala (people who do not have santohecho will put it behind the door of the street) two candles are lit, when they are spent they bathe. Leave it in the body for 20 minutes and rinse with fresh water-no warm and dress in white this bath will be done once a month.

Adimu to please or achieve something Obatalá:

Make a soda pulp or anemone pulp, put it inside of Las Operas de Obatalá for two hours, at two o'clock he retires and bathes with that juice, he must leave it on for a few IS minutes, rinse with fresh water and dress of white: How the juice is made: It removes the pulp to the fruit removing the seeds, to this pulpa it is added white sugar, milk of cow, to beat well with a spoon.

Offering to reach something of Obatalá : 8 ears of sweet corn are roasted in a brazier, once roasted, are mixed in honey and cocoa butter, they are quite husk.

They are put in a fountain and put on top of the tureen of Obatala for 8 days with two velons taken at 8 days are taken to the mountain or the mountain. While this offering is in front of Obatalá the person who is doing it should go to Obatalá and have him beg (pray) at the same time.

8 eggs of guineas smeared with cocoa butter honey and husk are placed on a plate, placed on top of the Obatala's tureen and put another empty plate on the floor, you will light two white candles.

The person will clean with a egg and will put it on the plate that is on the ground until reaching the eighth, take the eggs, wrap them in a white cloth and take them to the foot of a ceiba or jagüey omonte. (People who do not have a holy deed can do this Work, putting it behind the door of their house)

Eyioko: To rid a person of justice

Two white doves at the which are put cocoa butter in the whole body must be done without mistreating the animal, put on the legs tape of four colors (white, red, blue and yellow). The person who has the percance and there it will be cleaned with the dove and once the pigeon has been passed portodo the body, singing to Ochosi this is released.

Eyioko: To rid a person of the prison

Two birds caught with a trap, with these two animals are cleaned well to the person who has the problem, then these are sacrificed to Ochosi they take the dospatas, head and all the viscera.

to roast thing that they are dry. Once roasted everything is put in a mortar adding seven guinea peppers, ache of the head (of the four d and they), a little dust of termite, sestos the person in front of Ochosi,

Works for the Irosum odum (4)

In a bucket of water add a cup of fresh orange juice, 5 tablespoons of bees, a bit of cocoa butter, and a egg. Mix these ingredients well and bathe on Friday, after bathing in white.

Bath To ward off bad influences

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A bucket of rice water should be boiled, add a cup of juices of ever alive prodigious, an egg white, a bit of cocoa butter, 3 tablespoons of honey, a bit of cocoa butter and half a ball of husk, mix well all the ingredients and bathe on Tuesday and after bathing in white dress.

Bath To ward off death

To a bucket of water add a cup of purslass leaf juice, a bowl of leaves of curse, three cup of chiva milk, a ball of husk and a piece of grated cocoa butter. Mix all ingredients well and bathe with the contents of the cube. This bathroom should be done on Thursday and then the white dressing bathroom.

Bathroom to get money or something in business relation

Measured bucket of river water, half bucket of water of sea, add a cup of zumode leaves of pumpkin, a cup of canitel leaves juice, 3 tablespoons of cane melao, half ball of husk, a bit of cocoa butter and a trickle of perfume and I can more than you. Mix well all the ingredients and bathe with the content of the tube and dress in white.
This bath has to be done 7 Monday followed.

Another one for the same

To a bucket of water put the petals of 7 yellow roses, a cup of leaf juice of heart of pigeon or purslane, a trickle of patchouli perfume, 5 tablespoons of white cologne, half a ball of husk.

Mix well all ingredients and then bathe with the contents of the bucket for six thursday and dress in white

To make a meringue with 5 egg whites, this should be prepared just like if you want to eat them.
Put the meringue front of Obatala for an hour.Preparar a bucket of water with the petals of eight white flowers , perfume, husk and a bit of cocoa butter and perfume-cologne.

First bathe well with elmerengue, head and whole body, then rinse the body with the content of the cucumber. Bathing 5 Mondays or Fridays and then dressing in white.

Bath For Good Evolution

To a bucket of water add a cup of banana leaf juice, a cup of zumode leaves of carob, 6 tablespoons of honey, 3 cups of boiled rice water, half a roll of cocoa, a bit of cocoa butter and a chorrillo of perfume-coloniablanca.

Mix well all ingredients and bathe in day Wednesday and then white dress. This should be done 5 weeks in a row.

Bath to remove the Araye problems from above

To a bucket of water add a cup of juice of carob leaves, half a cup turned pink, 5 tablespoons of honey, half a ball of scale.
Mix everything well and bathe with the contents of the cube and dress in white, this must be done 5 Friday in a row.

This bath is for any type of problems and also to have good luck.

A bucket of river water is boiled with a piece of ham bone inside, for half an hour, then add a cup of juice leaves curse, an egg white, a husk and a bit of cocoa butter.

It used curse leaves, not boiled a coconut soap and the contents of the cube to soothe the whole body, and then Just remove the soap from the body with the rest of the water that is left in the bucket.
Rinse with clear water and let it warm. Dressing in white and this bath should be done on the 5th of the month, and wear white.

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