The inns

Young children tend to accept difference in others without question. They make friends with children from a range of different backgrounds or abilities or from a range of different types of families.

The children get older they learn to value differences from their parents. Your attitudes towards cultural and other differences will have a big impact on the way your children grow different.

This week we focused on the letter Hh for holidays . There are so many different holidays that people celebrate this time of year.

Our current unit explored the celebration and symbols of Las Posadas. These festivities originated in Mexico were people would dress up and reenact the Christmas story.

-posadas means "walking"

Some key facts that we discussed this week about:

-it last for 9 days- 2 more than Kwanzaa

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-posadas means "walking in a line "- processional

- the people at the front of the line are dressed as Mary & Joseph

-the person playing Mary is often riding a donkey, "donkey"

-the posadas walks & amp; knocks on 3 houses' doors asking for shelter

- the 1st 2 houses say, "no"

-the 3rd house says no, but they can stay in the barn, "stable "

-then the people celebrate

-they celbrate by opening pinatas filled with peanuts, oranges, & amp; candy

-they also have a feast with traditional Mexican foods-tamales, champurro, rice pudding, bunelos

Ask your child to tell you some of these fun facts

  • Adam Floyd