Stunned by what happened, the next three days went unnoticed. The conversation with Flor was tough. We said things that do not come back. I suppose it was necessary, we could not continue to be detained that way.

I hesitated to go to the workshop. Obviously, the enthusiasm declined after that telephone conversation. I wanted to flee and, although not always bad, I could not. The woman with glasses would not let me. It upset in my head.

It's nobody, I know. But for me, at that moment, it represented everything. On Thursday I got together to eat with Martin and, knowing his reaction to my fantasies, did not make me want to tell him anything. What was I going to say? "I fell in love with another ghost"? That I'm letting someone go for lack of something inexplicable? You sowed a doubt Flower. And that's what you did best.

- You came! I thought you were jumping on Sunday.

- Almost. I killed a book in my place and at the funeral we were a mysterious woman with huge glasses and me.

- And you fell in love ...

- A little. It was obvious, was not it?

- When will you learn to enjoy simple things? Maybe if you could channel your libido into some activity you would ask other issues to your affective relationships. Make sure when you think a single person can cover all your need for adrenaline. If you balance your life in some way, the only thing you would need from a woman is a great contribution of peace.

- Peace? Are you charging me?

- No Andre. Look at me. I really like what I do, it catches my career, my profession. If I did not have at my side a mine that loves me, that supports me, that is there always, I could not perform well in my career. I need that stability. So, Sofia, it's vital in my life.

- But you do not love it!

- Maybe. But tastes are not chosen. And you know that I have done everything in life.

- But you also bored everything. How you get bored of the mines when conquering them. Some people fall in love with a sport, a pet, money, many things. You do not fall in love with anything. Nothing attracts you for a long time, you do not taste it. Do not find wealth, the evolution of things over time. And with the women, you do not make an exception.

- We already discussed this Martin, one has to think how to keep the other, not the self. If the mines I go out with do not know how to handle me, what do you want me to do? I do not understand how you do to die for an absolutely unconditional mine to you. What is it that attracts you so much from someone who is always present, even if you do not pay attention?

- I already told you, unconditionality gives fullness. A fiction we like to buy narcissists. It's what we need to address other concerns. To be in order, balanced. Do not you remember the comment that put you in that essay? That of the master and the slave? Where does the slave not realize that it is he who puts the master in a privileged place? If I understood, I could maneuver it differently. Power is actually the slave, that is, the one who drives. Therefore, we "masters", we are faithful to our slaves.

- And if it does not do as most married women do that works ... Men who get excited about doing more and more twine and women with his kids. The transfer of libido in these marriages is given to both. That's why it lasts. If not what you have left? Keep looking for a reproductive partner as an active male and stick to the club all the time.

- I'm basically baked.

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- It depends on you Andre. Florence? Is it already?

- I'm thinking, I still do not decide. I also do not know how to give a person a chance when I do not feel completely in love.

- But with Florence it's been over a year.

- Dale Andrés !, you never opened with her. You always had it there, controlled. Yours is the beginning. You will close it before practically starting. As if the other did not matter. How much do you know about a person in a couple of dialogues?

- Most importantly! In a couple of dialogues, what I discover is their potential. How much can lift me. First impressions in a conquest are decisive. They allow me to project into my fantasy world everything that I can share of my life with her. Because in the end I am a person who needs to give, it is my vital quality, which gives me life. I have all this thing inside that I want to get out, that keeps me ... I do not know, I just like to be like this, slope. Think an email, think ... Look at me or go on the street looking ... as if inquiring something to share with the other. So I am constituted, you know? I go with my little suitcase, walking around, I nourish you, I enkindle your life ... I introduce myself with what I am and what I have, ready to give it all.

- Just like that? Anyone who needs it?

- No, anyone I like and need it. Just as you are open to anyone who is looking for you, salame! But yes, you definitely need me. It has to be fragile. Even something insecure. I do not know about herself, but about love. My complementary opposite. You have to seek refuge when you do not feel wanted. And even if you want it, believe it but not for long. Thing that tomorrow, let me conquer it again. Something like you.

- Like me?

- It may be.

- That doubt you convey to Sofia is what keeps her alive, moving. What stimulates her to continue conquering you. Martin, your best strategy with a mine has nothing to do with your conscious act of becoming inaccessible, but with your excessive insecurity to take any step. Better less than more. You made strategy of a natural act.

- If there is one thing I am sure of, it is that when a woman really gets to know me she puts me in this place ... as if I have never felt the things you feel for me. It happened with all those who really took the time.

- You see! And that is what you enjoy, occupy that place that you assume innocuous with each new person you have crossed. You play a game where you put distance and the other approaches you. And as you go, you move it away, as if there was always a layer to discover. Actually interesting but you're actually uncomfortable. You are not sure to attract. Your distance is nothing more than a defensive act. And even if your friend sees it as an idiot, when this act occurs to me in the woman I like, it is absolutely irresistible. How could you not understand me?

- And Florence does not have all this?

- He had it, until it became unconditional. Changed incorrectly. I do not know what really happened, but from being a mine like you, it became someone who no longer needs me. Do or do not, adore me. No one who really needs something is left without receiving anything in return. And as I told you at the beginning, if I'm not moving, I end up getting bored. I was the slave, I do not know what the fuck happens to the mines. Stay where they were when I met them. I am not uneasy, this is my habit, the persecution. I do not want you to give me anything, let me keep winning and you will keep me forever.

- Ask yourself. Does it work with Sofia? Obviously if for some reason it was still there a long time ago.

- Let's do one thing, let's look at the mine is with glasses that I explain in advance how it has to do with you. Or do you prefer me to call Flor?

It was fun. Contributed And in the end I convinced him to accompany me to the art studio. We were in the Oldest, there in Elcano at 3400, as always. Just a few blocks from the possible direction. It was not too late because we ate early. We did not miss anything with a few minutes to go home. Come to know, able to meet someone ...

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