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The Rusco or Acebillo (Ruscus aculeatus) is an evergreen shrub of the Asparagaceae family and distributed throughout Europe and North Africa.

Reach a height height of approximately 1 meter. It has quite branched, with stems erect and lignified. It has cladodes (stems that look like leaves) that make leaves . They are lanceolate, coriaceous, acuminate with the point in spine and parallel nerves. Flowers are arranged in inflorescences that appear in the cladodes to their lower half, in the armpit of a pointed and triangular bract. Tepals are greenish with stigmas and violet stem tubes. The species is dioecious, with male and female feet. The fruit is a berry that becomes red at maturity. Inside there are one to four seeds . In nature it is found in humid undergrowth and shrubs of oak and melojares. In gardening is used as isolated shrubs or in groups, for its evergreen leaf and its red berries. It is rustic although it needs partial shade and humidity in summer. Supports moderate frost.

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