Honduras Resists :: Honduras RESISTS: April 2010

By Juan Almendares

Let's defend the right to the land of the peasants of Aguán and the National Front of Popular Resistance in Honduras.

My grandmother said that one was from place where the navel was buried and that my mother buried my umbilical cord in the roots of Ceiba; because this tree represents the unity of mother earth with heaven.

The first lessons I learned in the womb of my mother when I was pregnant through the pedagogy of dreams, which was based on three principles : an intimate love for mother earth and humanity, telling the truth and respecting dignity and life.

On every piece of land, or near the spring or the river, my grandmother said, "there are to plant a tree or a food or medicinal plant. Earth and healthy water keep the body, mind and animal and human community healthy. "

I grew up watching my mother pedal day and night a sewing machine for a factory that exploited it without the minimum labor law. We were "the ones below" the railroad line, where poverty, brothels, alcoholism and violence proliferated. On weekends, the "champions" - agricultural workers of the banana companies - came to get drunk and attack each other with their machetes. It was the way to self-destruct and to express its impotence in front of the American banana power.

When I was eight, at three in the morning I accompanied my mother to see my father's almost decapitated body; who was killed by a hired assassin to take a piece of land. We were seven brothers and sisters, we learned from her to have no hatred or revenge, no violence or drug and alcohol use ... A tropical storm came and we lost everything including our own house.

The other teacher was Cristóbal, cobbler of the barrio with whom we talked about social injustice. When I was in high school at the José Trinidad Reyes Institute, I met a Guatemalan peasant who was an agricultural worker at the banana companies. He explained with great wisdom the painful experiences of being exploited by these companies.

We suffer hunger, humiliation and poverty to study medicine. I worked with a central idea: serving the poor, peasants, workers, indigenous peoples, Garífunas and students.

I did Post-graduate studies in Medicine in the United States. The American youth peace movement against the Vietnam War; Martin Luther King, Malcon X and Gandhi were inspirations for the positioning against militarism, torture and structural violence. However, I came to the realization that the essence of capitalism is antihuman and racist; that within it the very process of qualitative transformation of mankind is engendered and that it is not necessary to be indifferent or neutral, that one must take a stand in the face of injustice, war and the violation of human rights.

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I firmly believe that, without local, regional, global solidarity and vice versa, no substantive transformations can ever take place in the bosom of planetary humanity.

With this preamble of my life, I respectfully invite the kind readers, friends and friends of life and of Mother Earth to move their consciences to manifest against the injustice that happens in Honduras and Mesoamerica and the plans of war against the towns of the ALBA and Our America. >

I have served as a doctor with a deep love for the poor, and the damned of the earth who live in the world of injustice. I express my solidarity with and against the unjust conditions in which the Lencan peoples live, where the oligarchy seized the rivers and want to build a dam in San Francisco de Opalaca to divert the fate of the waters and generate light in their multinational projects. Nevertheless the Lenca people are enlightened, it rejects the cloudy light of the corruption that it harms the life of the rivers and the forest; and joins the National Front of Popular Resistance to participate in the Refoundation of Honduras and install the National Constituent Assembly that gives way to a Constitution for all.

When I examine the indigenous and peasant communities I observe the infamous process of the social injustice that forces beings to autophagy (to eat themselves). Children have sad, anemic, dry eyes; with their bellies bulging and full of parasites, barefoot, emaciated and swollen with pain. This horrible reality not only moves me and makes me cry, but my conscience acquires a greater commitment to the people in resistance.

I recall Tacamiche, to cite one of many violent evictions in Honduras. In July 1995 about 500 people living for half a century on land abandoned by a branch of the US company Chiquita Banana were evicted by Honduran military. The symbolic cost of these lands for the banana company was one dollar. In order to evict the peasants, hundreds of tear gas bombs were dropped. We took care of burned children and several women abort by exposure to toxic gases. They destroyed the health center, the Church School, the cornfields and the frijolares.

If we ask ourselves who are the ones who have been stripped of their land and water by the mining, banana, water and sanitation companies, shrimp, timber and African palm plantations for agrofuels: the native peoples, Garífuna, Misquitos and peasants. They are the ones who produce the land, live in poor conditions and those who have the conditions of health, education, drinking water and housing.

Based on this historical background; we appeal to the unity, organization and mobilization of local, national and global consciousness with the aim of stopping the machinery of geopolitical, ideological and anti-human war against the peoples of Latin America. In Bajo Aguán, Honduras, plans for a peasant massacre are being developed. Urgent messages to demand delegations, economic solidarity and all humanitarian aid for the families of the Unified Campesino Movement of Aguán (MUCA)

A war is being tried and experienced in Honduras that begins against the peasantry and the native and Garífuna peoples. It is the power of the arms business and the purchase of consciences against the process of liberation and the historic dignity of the peoples of Latin America.

Let us celebrate the strength of spiritual and cultural unity of the resistance of the peoples of the world in the face of pain and suffering. Our ethical and liberating commitment must be such that at the slightest hint of injustice, the subtle flight of the hummingbird will move us and invite us to defend dignity and life.

Tegucigalpa, April. 2010.

  • Adam Floyd