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Hello from Alcalá de Henares !!!!! We have to tell you a lot of things since the last Newsletter. Tale to look below, please.

On Wednesday January 15 from 18:00 until 20:00, we had a "welcome coffee" with Spanish students and our CIEE Spring 2014 students in a nice coffee shop in Alcalá called Hemisphere . They met each other and exchanged emails and telephone numbers. Now, some of them are friends.

On Thursday January 16 we had a meeting with Dale Sindell (, but unfortunately only two students attended. She was very nice with the students and gave them books and candies.

Spring 2014 students have a very close relationship, even when they did not meet each other before coming to Alcalá. One of the students - Megan Bartkowski -, her Spanish sisters and their boyfriends went together to a TV show called the < in> Hormiguero . She was very happy and excited. Each night, their family and Megan watch el Hormiguero during dinner. She looks like a real daughter of her family.

We are involved in a linguistic research. Bret Linford from Indiana University came to Spain on January 24th in order to interview our students from CIEE Madrid and Alcalá.

Six of our students are English tutors of Spanish boys and girls. Most of them are sons and daughters of UAH staff and friends of mine. The parents pay 10 € per conversation hour and our CIEE students are very happy.

On January 30 six students traveled to Brussels. They enjoyed a lot their trip. They felt very proud of themselves because they could find everything they expected without problems. They ate a lot of chocolate.

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This group is very open minded. They try new meals and food every week.

On February 7 almost all the students went to Segovia - IBF one day field trip-. Some of them went because the field trip was mandatory for their course "Spanish Culture and Civilization". But some other students went because they just wanted to know a nice city "free". The usual, their families prepared nice picnics for lunch.

On February 8 some students went to visit Real Madrid stadium and they attended a football match (Real Madrid vs. Villarreal). But they were a little disappointed because Cristiano Ronaldo did not play. So, they want to come back another day.

On February 14 four students went to Paris four days, and they did not attend classes on Monday 17. But they know they are only allowed two unexcused absences. The third absence will be penalized by lowering the grade by 10 POINTS PER ABSENCE. Meaning, if they have a 90.5 and they have 1 absence (after the 2 unexcused), the grade is lowered to an 80.5. If they had two unexcused absences, their grade will be at 70.5, and so on.

And two students went to La Pinilla in the north of Madrid because they wanted skiing.

The students who did not travel to the university dorms, to one CIEE student apartment in order to cook a Valentine's cake and have fun. And after that, the girls went to dance.

IBF field trips continue. The students who attended the course "Global dimension of European Soccer" went to Vicente Calderón Stadium and museum.

And next Friday February 21 we are going to Seville. It will be our first 3 days CIEE field trip. So, I will give you more information very soon !!!!!

  • Adam Floyd