Debi in Merida: Restaurant Review - La Casa del Fondue

Tom and I had the pleasure to accompany Nancy and Barry to The Fondue House last night!

It was a first visit for all of us; and for me a first ever Fondue restaurant visit.

However, I was assured there were non-dairy selections! And oh were there!

The restaurant sits at the corner of Circuito Colonias and calle 22 (on the 22 side) in Colonia Mexico Oriente, it is small but packed! Only 5 tables inside, with another 5 or 6 outside. In typical gringo fashion we were there early for dinner (which is the lighter evening meal), arriving about 7:30 pm. By the time we left, about 10, the place was full, and on a Monday night!

Our waitress, Elsa, was a marvel, she was fast, efficient, pleasant, and observant. >

The inside is loaded with stuff to see; posters, pictures, chatckis, and funny signs; the owner has a terrific sense of humor.

The ceiling is in movement with the suspended wine bottles and there are several very funny things written about the bottles, how they get there, and what may happen. You will have to go find out for yourself ...

This is the cheese fondue, but with bacon and garlic (guajillo) chiles. Really good, and just the right spiciness.

This is the traditional cheese fondue, but with bacon!

The fondues are served with bread cubes, plain and seasoned with herbs. However, there are optional other things you can order; brocolli, mushrooms, potatos, etc.

Nancy and I shared the Oriental Fondue.

This was a lovely savory broth already loaded with brocolli, cauliflor, and carrots. We then ordered the Sea and Earth option which gave us our choice of two each from the Sea, and two each from the Earth options. We went with beef, chicken, fish, and squid. All came out in small cubes and ready to simmer. Nancy and I agreed that next time we would stick with Mar; fish and squid.

These are our dipping sauces; cilantro cream (the best), xcatic cream (sweet but a bit spicy), sweet mustard, and a bbq sauce, although they call it a plum sauce.

And then there is the aftermath, detritus ...

We finished the meal with a chocolate fondue, and 2 heaping plates of dippers; apple, strawberry, banana, marshmallows, gads, I can not remember it all. Completely forgot to take a picture.

Debi in Merida: Restaurant Review - La Casa del Fondue

In fact, everytime something arrived we would all be so mesmerized that it was not until later that I would remember to take a photo. Barry, those of you who know Barry would expect, went with coffe, which he pronounced 'Good'. The rest of us went with the Clericot, which is a FABULOUS Sangria style wine infusion full of flavor and chopped fruit.

It really was a fabulous drink. They offered us a choice of mild or strong, which indicated the amount of wine which will be included. We went with a strong, and it was terrific!

We all had a really good time - the service was fabulous, Elsa works Monday and Tuesday evenings by the way !. The food was really good, and we were with friends and having a great time!

And it was not just because of the Clericot, I swear it was not !!!!

For Sure!

OK details for the restaurant

Street 22 # 223 by Circuito Colonias, Col. Mexico East, Merida, Yucatan, MX

J. Román Azueta is the owner, and I definitly want to meet this man, he has wicked sense of humor.

local phone 287-3421

all of this is on the business card so I feel comfortable noting it here!

They also offer Courtesy Coupons, which we call frequent buyer cards - so get a move on! What'cha waitin for!

We were all thrilled, if not overwhelmed by the selection palette.

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  • Adam Floyd