Griffin Groups: PIF V Central Grasslands / PIF V Central Grasslands

Central Grasslands Overview

The Central Grasslands group used the Sprague's Pipit (Anthus spragueii) to frame their discussions, recognizing the value of decisions for other priority grassland birds. It is unclear which portion of the life cycle is restricting populations. Habitat loss, degradation, and fragmentation were identified as key issues. Our top priority is the wintering grounds, particularly addressing grassland loss in the Central Valleys in Chihuahua, where low slope grasslands will be lost by 2025 at the current rate of loss. Stopping the grassland would require an investment of $ 10-50 million dollars. Central Valleys is the most diverse grassland in the Chihuahuan Desert wintering grounds, supporting many high priority grassland birds.

Grassland loss and degradation are issues in breeding and migration areas. Sprague's Pipits are habitat specialists on the breeding grounds, nesting in native prairie that has not been plowed. The breeding grounds have lost significant amounts of the native prairie, and native prairie continues to be under threat. Our goal is no loss of unplowed sod. In migration, our limiting factor in knowing how to move forward with the conservation of Sprague's Pipit, and other grassland birds, is the lack of knowledge. We simply do not need data on habitat selection, mortality, and limiting factors. Our top priority project for the migration period is to design and conduct a survey to identify habitat usage.

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A key element of removing threats to grasslands and grassland birds is working with those that manage grasslands - private ranchers and farmers , grazing cooperatives, ejidos, and land management agencies - to improve grassland sustainability and the economic viability of those that use them.

Grasslands Central - General Outline

In the migratory zones, the limiting factor for the planning of the conservation of the Bisbal Llanera, and other pasture birds, is the lack of knowledge. There is simply no necessary information on their habitat selection, mortality and its limiting factors. Our priority project in the areas of migration is to design and carry out monitoring for the study and identification of habitat use.

A key element in eliminating threats from grasslands and rangeland is to work with pasture managers - such as ranchers and private farmers, agricultural cooperatives, ejidos, and governmental and nongovernmental organizations - to improve the sustainability of grasslands and the economic viability of the people who use them.

  • Adam Floyd