LeEr, ViAjaR and CoMpaRtir

A trip to the south, the excuse to tell other things, about the majesty of the landscape have already written many. My story: a good one, few hours of flight; a bad, cold and situations where you expected something different but life is how it is, and it's okay to be. Finally the souvernir the word we all live without ever knowing it.

I do not like to fly

I'm afraid to fly. That being in the air is not for me. Then it is better that you choose now the most distant destinations because every day I will go liking less.
People stare at me with their eyes wide open whenever I say that I hate to fly and even discuss the veracity of my own words! It seems that for the mere fact of traveling from time to time by plane is automatically marked in the minds of people the box of "loves to fly." "I do not like to travel by airplane" they convince me with statistical data - that the plane is safer than the car. But if I think about traveling the world, there is everything. Flying is the opposite of travel: you go through a discontinuity of space, you disappear into a void, you accept to be nowhere for a time that is. also a space of emptiness in time, then reappear, in a place and at a time unrelated to where and when you had disappeared.Meanwhile, what do you do? How do you occupy your absence of the world and the world you read, you do not take your eyes from the book from one airport to another, because beyond the page is the emptiness, the anonymity of the air scales, the metallic uterus that contains you and nourishes you, the ever-changing crowd and always the same (...)

If a winter night a traveler, Italo Calvino

The chosen destination was "the end of the world, the beginning of everything." Ushuaia , the capital of Tierra del Fuego, the triangle island rectangle, or the taco of the zapatito with sole of the Beagle Channel. The southernmost city in the world, that almost fell off the map, a place with mountains, forests, sea and glaciers and above all very cold.

I do not like the cold

Tierra del Fuego? If we think of the South of the South, the first thing that passes through my head is cold . And from that piolín I started to throw. It turns out that if we exaggerate we can say that it snowed in Buenos Aires on July 9, 2007. It is an easy day to remember, it was a holiday because it was the anniversary of independence. And like any unusual fact that surprises us we can describe in detail what we were doing in that moment and how we live it. To remember what year it was each will have its own strategy or googlear .

The previous snowfall had been in 1918. Your cake would have to have more than 90 candles to have witnessed both snowfall and a couple more to remember.

The winters of Buenos Aires are not white, the average minimum temperature is 8 ° C, a figure that in other latitudes does not come to be considered cold.

I do not like the cold. The cold immobilizes either by the tension of the body to conserve the heat or by the amount of clothes that we put to be sheltered. The cold isolates, you have to have the courage to go through the door and out in the open. So for me Ushuaia it was a great adventure, well for the little plane but to face the low temperatures. It was worth the effort.

Sometimes things do not go as expected

While I was on the starting track, I was doing quite well, although at the same time I was fast and did not slow down just like that. The problem was in a track above that although it was basic as the plane branched and one of the roads became more complex. There were posters but if we judge from my understanding of the messages I must say that I was not the target audience.

I was in the chair, there was a lot of wind, it was cold. The day was black and with so much white was a gray and I looking for my courage that by then was well hidden. When I reach the top I discover that the road makes a U. I can only see a short piece of track and the precipice that cut your breath. I panicked, I panicked and I knew there was no way I could go down that path I did not know and could not visualize.

LeEr, ViAjaR and CoMpaRtir

I went to talk to the operator of the elevator to ask me to descend by that means because it could not. At first he thought he was joking, but then he felt my terror mixed with despair. After giving me indications about the breathing to calm me down he suggested a solution: to get me down on a stretcher as they take the injured. At first I did not like it: go down the mountain tied to a stretcher upside down but there are times where there is no other to trust. In the end it was even fun to come down with Tito, the rescuer.

Sometimes people do not behave as expected


I went to the Natural Reserve Valle Tierra Mayor 20 km from the city. I walked with snowshoes and this time it was no longer Christmas but I was the protagonist of a survival film in which a bear appeared at any moment. (P. > Tierra Mayor valley nature reserve

During the walk I thought I understood what was going on. It turns out that the guide was a mountain expert, his knowledge and experience excelled in every comment he made and also breathed his passion for nature. His discomfort was tiredness, impotence of dealing with tourists who try their best not to respect the natural environment. I no longer bothered to see who I had ahead and directly put us all in the same bag: disrespectful tourists.

When I put myself in her place I no longer felt beaten. He did not react to me, before us, was his response to past situations. How many times will we do the same without realizing it?

Then I enjoyed the walk, on his ways, and I remember that he told that the original peoples of the region had a word that does not exist in any other language. This word describes the moment in which two people feel that something is about to happen but they do not know which of the two will start the action. It is the tense situation, that deafening silence that arises before a first kiss or before a fight.

Tips for organizing a trip to Ushuaia

While organizing the trip to Ushuaia came to my mind that there was no need to stay in the center of the city. Most of the attractions were removed and included the transfer. The hotel in the middle of nature opposite the Beagle Channel was an excellent decision. And that it did not have fridge was never a problem. It was enough to leave the cans on the other side of the window to settle the matter. In the hotel you could dine rich and the prices were not exorbitant.

It was also easy to share a taxi to the center, since it was the other alternative that we all had.

The boats on the canal have a schedule in the morning and another in the afternoon. They are rides between 2 hours and a half and 4 hours depending on the agency.

Wear a coat, scarf, gloves and especially a warm and waterproof footwear.

Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, September 2015

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