Destiny 2 Live-Action Trailer From Kong: Skull Island Director

We reached out to Jordan Vogt-Roberts to talk about the challenge of visualizing the vibrant world of Destiny in a live-action environment and creating something that feels like a true short film rather than just your average advertisement trying to sell the masses a new video game. Featuring revamped mechanics recently depicted in a multi-player trailer, the new game has already generated plenty of attention in its closed beta story mission - which will soon be followed by a scheduled PC beta event.

When games makers Bungie left the Halo franchise for somebody else to take over, they moved on to Destiny, which went on to become one of the biggest money makers in video-game history - it made over $500 million in the first week alone - but the first one maybe took itself a little bit too seriously. So whether you plan on buying into the Destiny 2 hype or not, do yourself and favor and check out the trailer below. This sort of randomly came up and I was joking, well I love comedy, I love sci-fi and I love video games so this is sort of a flawless combination. "I was sort of looking at commercials and TV stuff". For me as a gamer, and the world is changing so much, but I just remember so vividly when I was younger marketing campaigns hadn't figured out how to be respectful and loving to the actual people playing games in their basement before gaming was cool. It only got sweeter when during my pitch I said I wanted to actually shoot it in Detroit.

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The barrage of Destiny 2 trailers, game details and announcements are seemingly not letting up yet... The spot is directed by Kong: Skull Island Director, Jordan Vogt-Roberts, and set to "Sabotage" by Beastie Boys.

  • Desiree Holland