Trump to push tax overhaul this week

The Republican U.S. senator from Missouri, Roy Blunt, strolled across The White House lawn with President Trump on Wednesday morning before heading to Andrews Air Force Base aboard Marine One. Instead, he'll be looking to frame the debate.

Mr Trump said the USA has surrendered its competitive advantage with one of the highest corporate tax rates in the world.

Trump rallied supporters as he tries to bring tax reform to the front of the agenda for Congress, as lawmakers return from the August recess next week.

Protestors are expected to be on hand as well.

Jeremy Cady, Missouri director of Americans for prosperity, a nonprofit group supported by Republican underwriters Charles and David Koch, said that tax reform is the Trump administration's highest priority.

Democrats wasted no time on Wednesday hammering President Trump's proposed tax reform, saying the plan is merely created to benefit the wealthy at the sacrifice of everyone else.


"It's going to take a lot of effort and ownership from the President to sell this". "She's working very hard". A bit of extra money in a paycheck would have changed our lives, and would undoubtedly change the lives of many families working hard to "get ahead". It will, though, make the case that tax code changes, particularly the corporate rate, are necessary for improved economic conditions. He also wants to get rid of deductions and loopholes that benefit big corporations and the super wealthy, accordion to officials. "Tell you what: The United States is counting on it".

While Republicans have not yet drawn the outline of their coming tax-reform proposal, it appears that they are scaling back its ambition.

The president has also frequently parroted a familiar GOP assertion that conservative "tax reform" is primarily geared toward helping the middle class.

Trump has claimed, for instance, that a huge corporate tax cut would result in an "explosion of new business and new jobs".

The White House's stated goal is to adopt tax reform by the end of the year, but that's a tall task both technically and politically.

The president will convey why he believes the American economy must be revitalized through tax relief - but won't go into specifics of potential legislation, said the official Tuesday, speaking on the condition of anonymity. I am sorry to say that many years later things have not improved for many Americans. Mnuchin said from the White House briefing room.

  • Adam Floyd