Panasonic's SC-GA10 smart hi-fi speaker wants to take down Google Home

With Google's expansion, Amazon's Echo lineup continuing to grow, and Apple is set to release the HomePod later this year, so we're now forced to pick a speaker - and potentially appliances - that are compatible with not only our smartphones but the digital assistants found on each one. Anker is also behind the Alexa-enabled Eufy Genie, which retails for under $35. Google has said they'll continue to update the page in the source link below as more products with Assistant support are announced, so keep an eye on their blog post as IFA continues for more information. Taneja says that Google Assistant will function "just about the same" across these third-party speakers as it does elsewhere, so don't expect any major differences if you're jumping from Google Home or Android.

Both companies need to fight off a rumored Sonos smart speaker featuring numerous assistants and Apple's HomePod launching in December. Anker says it will be available in "late October".

At IFA in Berlin, Google is announcing some of the newest products to include Google Assistant, or Google Assistant support. We also know Panasonic's speaker is called GA10. More than the assistant, it's the integration with a wide range of appliances that make everything interesting. The Panasonic SC-GA10's unique selling point is its audio quality. And the firm will reveal more Google Assistant-powered speakers later in the week.

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Inside this speaker you'll find two 20mm tweeters paired with an 8cm woofer to round out the base.

LG is going to be the first home appliance manufacturer that is going to introduce washers, dryers, and vacuums that can be controlled from a device with the Assistant, be it a smartphone or a speaker. They can detect voices from across the room when they hear the wake phrase "OK Google".

These devices can deliver the functionality and features of the Google Home exactly as it gets available in countries like the Canada, the USA, the Australia, the France and the Germany. This is particularly interesting functionality, because not only will you be able to do things like start wash cycles through voice commands, but you can also ask if your laundry is done.

  • Rita Burton