North Korea's Ri Sol Ju gave birth to third child

Little is known about the North Korean first family, but Kim said he learned from "non-NIS sources" the couple's first child was a boy, born in 2010, while the second was a daughter, born in 2013.

The news of the new arrival in Kim's family emerged as North Korea further increased tensions in the region after firing a long-range ballistic missile on Tuesday (29 August), which flew over northern Japan for the first time in eight years.

Kim's wife Ri Sol-ju gave birth in February, although the baby's name and gender have not been disclosed, the NIS said during a meeting of a parliamentary committee.

Retired US basketball player Dennis Rodman, who visited Pyongyang in 2013, identified Kim's second child as a girl, named Ju-ae.

Speculation on the peninsula had been rife after she disappeared from public view for some months toward the end of 2016.

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The Dangers do not end with a first strike by North Korea, they could also be trafficking in Missiles, Nuclear Weapons, Nuclear materials and other potentially devastating weapons, the buyers for these weapons range from ISIS to dictators and warlords around the world.

South Korean newspaper Donga Ilbo reported Tuesday that Ri, who is believed to be 28, had given birth to leader Kim Jong Un's third child.

Given the propensity of the Korean Worker's Party to choose successive male leaders from the Kim family, there was great question and concern about whether or not the couple, married since 2009, would make the continuation of that tradition possible, both in the DPRK and overseas.

Initially, North Korea watchers expected Kim Jong Il's eldest son, Kim Jong Nam, to succeed him, but he was sidelined after his father left his mother for Ko in the 1970s.

Any potential threat that remained from Kim Jong Nam was removed earlier this year, when he was murdered in Kuala Lumpur airport allegedly on the order of Pyongyang.

  • Adam Floyd