Former Expedia CEO takes helm of Uber on Wednesday

In a joint statement, the board reiterated that Khosrowshahi had received unanimous support, and welcomed him to the role.

Though Khorsrowshahi moved to the United States as a child, he's an immigrant who reached the highest levels of business; it's not surprising that he has strong feelings about Trump's policies on immigration, or about Trump's response to the horrific events in Charlottesville.

Uber officially has a new CEO in Dara Khosrowshahi, Uber's board announced Tuesday night.

For Uber, Khosrowshahi's start can't come soon enough. Khosrowshahi previously described his relationship with the brash founder as "budding".

Khosrowshahi said Okerstrom is "a tireless, strategic, and steadfast leader". Analysts say his experience is a good match for the troubled Uber. The Department of Justice is separately pursuing a criminal investigation into Uber's use of a software tool known as "Greyball", which employees allegedly used to evade law-enforcement officials. The company's former CEO Travis Kalanick had to go after he took the company to the cleaners. He was off the Uber board within hours, and it became the unfortunate Uber meme for a while.

After months of negative publicity, Kalanick was pressured to resign in June.

"Mr. Kalanick is pleased that the court has ruled in his favor today and remains confident that he will prevail in the arbitration process".

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Kalanick is off to DE to contest with one of Uber's major shareholders, Benchmark Capital, who believe that Kalanick is manipulating his position in an attempt to take back control of the company.

Uber's newly appointed chief executive has confessed that he is "scared" about taking the job as he faces the hard task of repairing the taxi-hailing app's public image following a string of scandals. Several large Uber investors recently marked down their investments.

The company is losing hundreds of millions a quarter. Its rivals overseas raised billions and banded together. Uber is also the subject of a USA probe into its use of software to deceive law enforcement officials, a program known as Greyball.

Uber will likely see the appointment as a significant step towards cleaning up the company's image, which has been tarred over the past year by allegations of systemic sexism and anti-competitive practices. But he may be close to filling one of those.

Whitman said last week on Twitter she hadn't even considered leaving her role: "We have a lot of work still to do at HPE".

Khosrowshahi said Uber needed to stabilise itself but also take what he called "big shots".

Uber said Tuesday Khosrowshahi will "be meeting with employees around the world in smaller groups over the next few weeks, and spending time with drivers".

  • Rita Burton