Bethesda May Be Working on a 'Game Of Thrones' Video Game

Bethesda's next game might be an open-world spin on the Game of Thrones universe, if the store page of Target's website is to be believed.

Regardless of whether or not the game is real, Bethesda certainly seems like the ideal studio to bring Westeros to life in an open-world video game. The developer is in the midst of porting Skyrim to the Nintendo Switch and VR along with Fallout 4 to the VR. but there are also two new projects it is undertaking.

If there's any modern television series that deserves a proper open-world RPG video game adaptation, it's Game of Thrones. However, it is unknown which technology is being developed the project, not to mention the target platforms and a release date.

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So far, Bethesda has not commented on Target's retail listing. If they were to take their popular game model and apply it to Game of Thrones, then it would be a huge deal. In 2012, an action RPG simply called Game of Thrones was released by Atlus USA, but got a mixed reception from critics. Aside from excellent mods for the likes of Crusader Kings 2, majority have been disappointing.

Would you be interested in a Bethesda Game of Thrones game? Bethesda Game Studio has the cache to pull off the Westeros setting and the dragons but the real trick will be capturing the tense interactions between characters and the intrigue of houses plotting and scheming against other houses.

  • Desiree Holland