Art Briles lands new coaching job with CFL team

Art Briles is back coaching football.

Ever since Baylor fired him, Briles has been on a gross redemption tour, doing everything he can to convince people that nothing that happened at Baylor was his fault and that he is deserving of another job.

Briles coached at Baylor from 2008-2015.

Two of Briles' former assistants were hired earlier this year at Southeastern University, a non-NCAA institution based in Lakeland, Fla. The CFL season is already underway, and the Tiger-Cats are off to an 0-8 start. Hawaii was known for a strong offense during Jones' tenure while Baylor finished at or near the top of many offensive categories during Briles' run as head coach.

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Briles allegedly looked at the list of names and said, "those are some bad dudes ... why was she around those guys?" He was suspended with intent to terminate after Baylor received the findings from the Pepper Hamilton investigation into the school's sexual assault scandal. It is unknown what stance the league will take with Hamilton for hiring Briles.

In the latest suit, filed by a Jane Doe who is a former Baylor volleyball player, the victim recounts how she was harassed and robbed by Baylor football players after telling an assistant football coach that the players had allegedly brutally gang raped her.

As members of the community of Hamilton, we've thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity of working with and supporting the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, and the rich history the team has with the City of Hamilton.

  • Tabitha Byrd