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I am working on arranging our little patio this summer. A bird bath was not in the original plans, but I found this project at Lowe's Creative ideas and every time I visit that site I always want to make something but I end up pinning it on Pinterest for later. Well this time I made it! I made a bird bath and we all love it!

It's pretty easy, I followed the instructions over at Lowe's but I made some changes on sizes depending on what I found available and what I liked, here is How I did it ...

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I'm fixing the little patience this summer. The truth a bird bath was not in the original plans but this project I found in the magazine Lowe's Creative ideas and I liked it very much. Whenever I see things there I stick them in Pinterest for later but this time I did it !! I made the bath for little birds and we all love it!

It's very easy, I followed the instructions that give Lowe's but I made some changes depending on what I found available and what I liked, here I show you ... < You will need the following to make the bird bath (You can get everything at Lowe's):

  • 17-inch urn
  • 12-inch poly Urn
  • 10-inch terra-cotta saucer
  • Spray paint **
  • A 17 "plastic flower pot
  • A plastic pot 12 "urn
  • A 10" tray
  • Spray paint **
  • Flowers Start by drilling 4 to 5 holes in the large urn for the water drainage.

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Start by opening 4 to 5 holes with a drill in The large flowerpot for water drainage.

Place the small pot upside down on top of the big one as shown here.

Fill a little bit of potting mix around the urn and then place the flowers one by one. I tried to place the different colors interchanged so all the colors would show around. - - -
Place a little soil and then the plants one by one. I tried to make the colors interspersed by placing them.

Place the saucer on top of the small urn, put some water on it and it's done! Of the water above the small pot, pour water and go!

I do not do gardening at all, hopefully this will be a good start! I do not have any tools but we enjoyed it a lot, especially Adrian! And for the birds, they have not yet come to take any baths, I'm looking into getting a little table to set it up and make it taller, I think that where it is located and the fact that is too low makes I do not do any gardening, I do not have tools or anything but as you enjoy it and especially with children, Adri was fascinated! Still little birds have come to bathe or drink water, I'm looking for a table to put it on because I think it is very short and they will not come, but in the meantime at least I drew some to get the idea. >

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. Lowe's provided the materials needed to make the project I selected (BirdBath). As always all opinions and stories are 100% my own.
Disclaimer: This post is not a paid job. Lowe's gave me the materials they needed to do the project I selected (The Birdhouse). As always, all opinions, ideas and stories are 100% mine.

  • Adam Floyd