Star Wars: The Last Jedi Will Become an AR Game

What is it exactly?

The Resistance will have to go up against the First Order's more risky AT-ATs and warships in The Last Jedi. Once located, fans who scan it with the app will reveal a character who will appear to be right there in the store. By downloading the "Star Wars" application on their mobile devices, giddy followers of the galactic saga will become "Find the Force" participants and will have opportunities to video and photograph the creations, a few of whom might also speak. Doing so would unlock new holograms of iconic Star Wars characters.

Aside from being the launch date for the first wave of new merch from the upcoming Episode VIII, Sept. 1, a.k.a. They've already been spotted in some of the Last Jedi footage we've seen so far - they're what Finn and his team are flying toward on the planet Crait. There will be up to five different displays in the larger stores, and you'll see as many as 15 different characters: Chewbacca, Admiral Ackbar, and Supreme Leader Snoke's Praetorian Guard among them.

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The pop-up AR treasure hunt aims to unite fans around the world in the battle against the dark side in a unique three-day event at over 20,000 retail locations across 30 countries. You'll need to download the Friday Force Collectibles app, which should hit the App Store later today.

Fans can download the latest version of the Star Wars App (v. 2.3 or higher) beginning August 24 for an early look at the new Porg characters in AR before the AR treasure hunt goes live at retail on September 1. Fans will be able to take pictures and videos to share their experience on social media and use the hashtags #FindtheForce and #Sweepstakes to enter for a chance to win a trip to the Last Jedi premiere.

  • Carlos Nash