Verizon Will Totally Start Throttling Customer's Video This Week

But this week the carrier announced it will be splitting the original plan into three different new options: Go Unlimited ($75 for the first line), Beyond Unlimited ($85 for the first line) and Business Unlimited (prices vary).

Customers who had signed up earlier this year for Verizon Communication's unlimited plans will automatically get 5 GB additional mobile hotspot data, with no additional charges. Usually, most carriers throttle users after they reach a certain data cap, but Go Unlimited users will experience the "joy" of being slowed down every time there's a congestion in their area.

The company says,"Moving forward, HD video on all legacy plans will also match Beyond Unlimited's HD quality". Despite paying a premium, you're limited to 720p streaming on phones and 1080p on tablets.

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Verizon will officially begin throttling the quality of video on its unlimited plans, starting August 23. Here we see the 22GB threshold for throttling return, and in a pleasant turn, you'll get 15GB of 4G LTE hotspot data before you're slowed down. When launched, Verizon briefly held a bit of an upper hand as their plans did not limit video resolution and Verizon was actually able to force T-Mobile and Sprint to adjust their plans. Verizon's unlimited plans, though, have been priced higher. With the latest renovations in the plan structure, Verizon's cheapest plan still looks more expensive than those offered by other top wireless carriers in the United States. Verizon customers can't watch 1080p video on their shiny new phones anymore. You have to spend a couple extra bucks on an add-on to get HD video and a usable mobile hotspot allowance.

For most users, Verizon's move to split up its video streaming abilities into tiers comes with some qualifiers. I could sit here and talk about how consumers make their voices heard with their wallets, but I know many here are loyal Verizon customers, so you've probably heard that speech a few times. Also notable, higher resolution videos like 4K videos will not be available at all on the Verizon network. The plan includes 15GB of LTE speeds via mobile hotspot.

A person engaged in the provision of broadband Internet access service, insofar as such person is so engaged, shall not impair or degrade lawful Internet traffic on the basis of Internet content, application, or service, or use of a non-harmful device, subject to reasonable network management. This is exactly the sort of things that the FCC's net-neutrality protections (which, by the way, are now still in place) were meant to protect against.

  • Toni Ryan