FC Barcelona socials hacked and annocunce Angel Di Maria signing

Both the Facebook and Twitter handles were reportedly hijacked by a notorious hacker group, OurMine.

However, the club soon confirmed they had been the victims of a hack and apologised on social media. It even posted a fake update on a player's transfer which quickly went viral. For instance, back in 2014 the Syrian Electronic Army managed to seize control of the football club's Twitter account.

Shortly after 5am United Kingdom time, they tweeted: 'Our accounts have been hacked tonight.

Meanwhile, as Barcelona's front office continues its fight with Neymar, the Brazilian's ex-teammates appear to hold no grudges about his transfer to PSG.

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Believed to be a Saudi Arabian hacking group, "OurMine" tweeted: "Hi FC Barcelona, it's "OurMine" (Security Group), please contact us.and sorry for the hoax".

Barcelona is in pursuit of Liverpool's Phillipe Coutinho and Borussia Dortmund's Ousmane Dembele to replace Neymar and has also signed Paulinho from Asian club Guangzhou. Neymar debuted for PSG in a match with Toulouse the past weekend.

It is the second time the Catalan club's social media channels have been hacked after activists claiming to be the Syrian Electronic Army managed to post a series of tweets in 2014. It basically is a security company that looks for vulnerabilities in websites of big organizations and social media accounts of their CEOs etc.

  • Carlos Nash