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During the brief interview with Javier Tapia Camou, Javier Tapia Camou, Coordinator COFETUR Photo: SKR 2013

Puerto Peñasco Mayoral Address earlier this week, the Coordinator of the State Commission for the Promotion of Tourism (COFETUR) made assurances that this State and Federal programming this coming November should see the laying of the first stone on what will become the Puerto Peñasco Home Port . This project will include an investment of nearly 600 million pesos and is expected to boost new tourism markets in the area.

"We have everything ready to begin; the environmental impact report has been presented and it is sure that the first stone will be placed this year. Tapia Camou.

The first phase of the Home Port project will include an investment of 195 million pesos, which has already been approved by the Federal Government for the construction project in the area of ​​Sandy Beach. The project is expected to take at least two years.

Tapia Camou stated another of the projects expected to begin operations by the end of this year is the Puerto Peñasco Convention Center, investment in which tops 150 million pesos. The Convention Center, also located in the area of ​​Sandy Beach, will be able to accommodate groups of 2500 people and will be promoted to attract both business visitors.

And artistic events of international caliber.

Laying of first stone on Home Port to be promoted on international scale

"Time is upon us but we are going to hold a formidable and extraordinary event. We will put the funds together however we can in order to hold a grand event to promote inauguration [of the project]. We will seek to benefit from future gains so that Puerto Peñasco achieves good results within the short-term, and not only during construction. We are planning to invite governors from other border states, including New Mexico, Arizona, and California; We are really looking forward to this, "emphasized Guevara.

The City Coordinator of Tourism Promotion and Foreign Affairs concluded Puerto Penasco will become a city of" before "and" after "the Home Port. >

They plan to lay the first stone for the Home Port for next November

By Azucena Mazón

The coordinator of Tourism Promotion Javier Tapia Camou assured that according to What is scheduled by the state and federal government in November will be placed the first stone of what will be the Home Port of Puerto Peñasco, a project in which will invest about 600 million pesos and presumed to detonate new tourism markets "We already have everything ready to start, it is already presented the manifestation of environmental impact, it is a fact that this year is the first stone, we would be in that for the month of November, there is little" The Tourism coordinator stressed.

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For the Home Port project, will allocate in a first stage 195 million pesos that already were labeled by the federal government for the construction work in the area of ​​Sandy Beach which will last two years.

Tapia Camou stated that another one of the works that are intended to open and open for operation by the end of this year is the Convention Center whose investment has been 150 million pesos and which works the last of the stages.

Miguel Guevara Askar, Coordinator of Tourism Promotion and International Relations

Miguel Guevara Askar director of International Relations and Tourism said that to highlight and put in the international scene the construction of the Home Port we are planning an event for the laying of the first stone with special guests as governors of the border of Mexico and the United States as well as the president of the republic Enrique Peña Nieto.

"We are very tight with the times but we will make a formidable event, extraordinary, we will get money under the stones to make a great event to promote the inauguration, we will seek to have the benefit of the expectation, of the future surplus value and that rock has a good result in the short term And not only during construction, we have planned to invite governors from other states, New Mexico, Arizona, California, we are very much looking forward to that

The local coordinator of International Affairs and Tourism said that Puerto Peñasco will be a before and after the Home Port.

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