Weather: Great American Eclipse weather forecast

The National Weather Service is calling for mostly sunny conditions in the Genesee Valley. with a high near 88 degrees.

Moore says the daytime on Tuesday wouldn't have changed much from Monday, with partly sunny skies and a 30 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms, favoring afternoon hours.

In the central USA, a few clouds and some scattered showers could mar the view in portions of Nebraska and Missouri, but a complete washout isn't likely.

Over the interior Southwest, the timing of the eclipse will help in terms of cloud cover, AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist John Feerick said.

Madras, the premier viewing spot in OR according to solar experts, is expected to have clear skies and a high of 88.

Showers and thunderstorms is possible from the southern Appalachians to the southern Atlantic coast.

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Temperatures should fall a few degrees as the moon obscures the sun, the weather service said, then rebound after the sun re-emerges. "The shadow of the moon will still darken the sky", said Dave Jones, founder and CEO of StormCenter Communications, whose group is helping states in the path of the eclipse prepare for the event.

Idaho: Mostly clear skies are expected and outside temperature will be mainly in the 50's and go up to the early 60's in some areas. When blocked, even partially, the short wave radiation produced by the sun will not be felt, Adams said.

The National Weather Service also is optimistic about good viewing from St. Louis to Nashville.

Some thin, high-level clouds may be present over the interior Southwest for the partial eclipse.

Beatty said bluntly, "if it's raining, it'll still get dark too - but I can't think of anything more depressing". The eclipse is expected to be visible locally from 12:59 3:52 p.m.

  • Adam Floyd