Trump's favorability rating falls in three key states he won in 2016

The survey results showed a marked difference in the general opinion of the three states since the November election, when Trump became the first GOP candidate to take the three states since the 1980s.

Only 36 percent of MI voters overall approve of Trump, compared to 55 percent who disapprove of the job he's done since taking office.

In Pennsylvania, 17% of voters strongly approve of Trump while 54% disapprove-41% of them strongly.

Six out of 10 voters in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin say they feel embarrassed by Trump's conduct as president, according to three new NBC News/Marist polls.

The president has his lowest approval rating of the three in Wisconsin, with only 34 percent of voters approving of the job he's done so far.

Perhaps even more significant is that Democrats enjoy clear advantages when voters are asked who they want to control Congress after the 2018 midterm elections.

Over the course of the previous week and weekend the following things happened
Over the course of the previous week and weekend the following things happened

In Michigan, voters by a 42-to-39 percent margin say the US economy has been strengthened by Trump's decisions as president. In Pennsylvania, the number was 63-percent say that they were embarrassed.

Asked if Trump's conduct as president made them proud or embarrassed them, 64 percent of voters in MI and Wisconsin say they've been embarrassed, while 63 percent say that in Pennsylvania. Sixty-three percent in Pennsylvania said the same thing. In Wisconsin, Democrats were favored with 46 percent.

FiveThirtyEight's tracker of Trump's approval rating calculates recent polls while considering their reliability and methodology, and on Sunday showed the president's approval rating at 37.8%.

But the president's standing is much lower when it comes to global affairs: Six in 10 voters in all three states believe the United States' role on the world stage has been weakened under Trump.

The poll of registered voters in each state has a margin for errors of 3.5 percent.

Some polling analysts cautioned that since the poll was conducted directly in the aftermath of Trump's initial failure to condemn a violent white supremacist gathering in Charlottesville, Virginia on August 12, it could have exacerbated his unpopularity.

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  • Adam Floyd