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Good ghosts! Today I bring you a super entry, since I bring you a review of some NYX products that have come to me today. We have prebases, shadows, so let's get to it! I also tell you that NYX finally has an official online store, so if you want to buy some product that I name, you just have to click on the name and take you direct to your page to buy it. I warn you, I think they do not ship to the Canary Islands, but on the Canarias Makeup page they have most of their products on sale. Prebase Photo-Loving Primer:

This primer has a slightly siliconized texture, but is fairly smooth, feels as if you are carrying nothing, is very light and, if you do, photograph very well. Personally I think it is one of my favorites next to Kiko Matte, so this product takes a 10.

Now, if we go in order the bases would follow, but I received two and I do not fit any, so I do not know how they behave in the long run. This is the tone number 4, I personally like it as it is, it is very liquid, and the truth is that I like it a lot, it does not have a great coverage, it is light and it seems very good for the day to day. This is another product that takes a 10 and next to the same format Kiko is placed among my favorites.

Of this corrector I can not tell you much, it is the light and the truth that is very clear, so I do not do very well, it is very thick, it costs for the product to come out and its coverage is very high. I, as I do not like so much coverage, I would give it a 7.

Come with the star product, the product that is everywhere and really wanted to try it, all bloggers had it and I do not know why not. It's in the Light tone and I'm going to be totally honest, I love it. It is very subtle, natural and super easy to blur. If you want to start in contouring, definitely this is your product. This product obviously takes 10.

Going to the loose powders, I do not like them very much, I think they give a very dusty finish, very loaded, they do not finish to fit me, so to these I only give them a 5. These are in Light tone. / p>

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This prebase is great, it makes the product last quite long, I like it because it is quite neutral, it does not have much color or much brightness, that if you follow me by snapchat you know that I have a Kiko that is finished Pearled and I do not end up liking a lot, so this prebase overturns and gets first. It takes a 9.

It has left me a little disappointed this palette, I sincerely consider that there are better pallets for less price, this I think costs 10 € and its pigmentation could be better. It is very dusty and complicated to blur, it is patched a lot. I only give it a 3.

This mask has surprised me for good, I like the finish that leaves, you probably make an entry talking about her and comparing it with others, your brush is strange in my opinion, but applies very well and does not leave anything lumpy. It has a 8.

Slide On Eye Pen

What can I say? It's a black eyeliner, and now. Pigmenta well, there is nothing remarkable to tell the post that I have not yet put it to the test. For now it takes a 6

And finally, to continue the streak of not finding my eyebrow, we have this eyebrow pencil, which does not look good blas, but I have tried, obviously to be at home, and I like how easy it is to work with him. It is very thin, finer than Kiko's Precision Eyebrow Pencil, so imagine how accurate it becomes. It takes a 8.

And so far today's entry! What did these products look like? Would you try them? You can tell me by the social networks, both in Instagram and Twitter you can find me as @pukubu_ and in Snapchat I am like pukubu

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