20 Ways to Recycle Your Bike's Wheels

Today it is clear that you can create an endless number of things by recycling all kinds of objects, whether they are rims, pallets or CDs. However, have you ever wondered what things you can create by recycling the wheels of your bike?

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Lamps, mirrors, watches and even furniture are just some of the things you can do with your bike's wheels . If you want to know what other use you can give you check the following list.

1. Wall decorations

2. Coffee table

3. Candlestick

4. Hanging Lamps 5. A clock

6. Rocker

7. Pans container

8. Mirror

9. Clothes hanger

10. A coat rack

11. Portraits

12. Door trim

13. Stained Glass

14. Turntable for table

15. Jeweler

16. Minibar

17. Mobile for a children 's room

18. As a garden decoration

19. Structure for putting sunglasses

20. Wall Lamps

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  • Adam Floyd