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Around 1937, Wolfgang Paalen invented the "smoked" technique (fumage) which, from the traces of smoke produced by the flame of a candle on the surface of a sheet of paper or cloth Painting still fresh, it allows the interpretation, or the suggestion, of so many involuntary images, of a vibrant modeling and velvety black.

imperialis Lem. Has emerald green or bronze leaves with a soft velvety appearance. The different groups have different cultivation requirements, but most require warm temperatures, light shade (few tolerate direct sunlight), well-drained soil that is not constantly moist but not allowed to dry completely.

Glauca; "Cerulean elder"; West of North America; Dark blue-black berry with a glaucous bud on the surface, giving it a light blue appearance) Sambucus javanica ("elderberry of Java"; Southeast Asia) Sambucus nigra (black elder or Common elder; (With black berries) Sambucus lanceolata ("lanceolate elder", Island of Madeira with black berries) Sambucus palmensis (Sabugo, Canary Islands, with black berries) Sambucus simpsonii ("Simpson elderberry" southeastern United States with berries Sambucus mexicana or elder of Mexico, is considered by the generality of the authors like one or two subspecies of S.

The color of the flower distinguishes itself among all the Western Erythroniums of North America. The color of the recurved tepals ranges from a velvety dark purple color to the color of lavender.

Olfactory phase: Intense odor of ripe fruits, spices, characteristic of its evolution in the bottle. Taste phase: Balanced in palate, round, velvety, with flavors of vanilla and long aftertaste .: Gran Reserva.

The sumac The sumac is a shrub or saplings from two to three meters, very branched from the base, with deciduous leaves. These are composed and covered with a velvety hair that makes them characteristic.

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In the mouth very persistent, with great body and vigor. With velvety finish and very long and tasty aftertaste. Flower of Lebrija: generous wine of straw yellow color pale, with sometimes greenish reflections, characteristic almond aroma, prickly and delicate, light to the palate, dry and whose special characteristics are result of its particular process of breeding exclusively under flower veil, with a volumetric alcoholic strength of between 15% and 18% by volume.

In a short time it is replaced by another cover of a velvety integument, which falls in January leaving the antlers clean, then begins the period of cello.

"Macaron" (change the appearance): cream color; 2002 Range models ERS-212 ERS-312B: Same as Macaron but with Bluetooth, only for the Japanese market; 2001 ERS-311BX: With Bluetooth and velvety finish, only for the Japanese market; 2001 ERS-311LongLong: Japanese special edition (of a tea brand), only 1,001 units were made; 2001 ERS-31L: brown, Bulldog-like; 2002 About 60,000 units were sold.

Two or three months before the roar, the male antler is renewed. The new antler is covered, as in other species of cervids, by a soft, velvety and very sensitive tissue.

Ears of three to eight flowers have a large labellum. The lip is trilobulate dark brown, with velvety, trapezoidal central lobe, elongated and domed.

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