Britney Spears fan rushes stage, singer fears he has a gun

Britney Spears was rushed by a man at her Piece Of Me show on Wednesday night at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

A bodyguard standing to Spears' right noticed the man from across the stage and tried to get the singer's attention as she performed insane.

As soon as he stepped foot onstage, Spears' security team and backup dancers took him down.

Not long after that, Spears is made aware of the situation by two men from her team, and is heard saying into the microphone, "What's going on?.Oh no!" Then her knees buckle as she asks, "He has a gun?" and security ushers her offstage.

The moment was captured on video by concertgoers from different angles, and one shows the moment the person was tackled by security guards, before the singer, 35, even realized something was happening.

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One fan wrote on Instagram describing the events: "A insane fan jumped in on the stage while Britney was performing her hit song "crazy" she was a little terrified and asked if he had a gun?". Some of her security surrounded her as others detained the man.

As the security men deal with the crazed fan, the town bodyguards decide not to take any risks and escort the star off stage.

Needless to say, leave Britney alone! It wasn't until she turned around that she noticed something was going on.

Before the show, Britney shared a collage of photographs from her performances on her Instagram page. She later wrote in The Guardian: "My actions were intended as a non-violent, egg-based protest because I think Cowell has too much power and influence in the entertainment industry".

  • Carlos Nash