Lewisville reports more mosquito samples with West Nile Virus

According to the district, crews will begin trapping adult mosquitoes in the area where the virus was discovered and will have results early next week. The patient did not report any travel history outside of the United States.

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health Tuesday announced a pool of mosquitoes collected in Seekonk has tested positive for West Nile Virus.

The news marks the city's first human case this season.

West Nile virus is transmitted through a mosquito bite.

The mosquitoes were collected July 31 from the Cedar Pond area in North Branford. Culex species mosquitoes which are carriers of West Nile virus bite primarily from dusk through dawn. The virus' symptoms can appear 13 to 14 days after an infection.

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Less than 1 percent of people infected with the virus get seriously ill with symptoms that include high fever, muscle weakness, stiff neck, disorientation, mental confusion, tremors, confusion, paralysis, and coma.

"About one in 5 people who are infected develop a fever with other symptoms such as headache, body aches, joint paints, vomiting, diarrhea, or rash", the CDC states.

The elderly are especially susceptible to West Nile Virus.

Four out of five people who are bitten by an infected mosquito will not experience any illness. "West Nile was first identified in OH in 2001, so it's not new to our area, but we like to take the opportunity to remind everyone to take precautions".

  • Adam Floyd