The Bronx Is Definitely Burning: Here's Why You Should Take The Ride Up To The Boogie Down This Summer

The High Bridge, New York City's oldest bridge, recently reopened after a 45-year, $ 61.8 million renovation and aside from the fact that it's completely gorgeous, it makes it so much easier for Bronx residents to walk back and Forth from Manhattan.

So, we get it. You've been to the Yankee Stadium.

But that is not all this amazing, gritty borough has to offer. Far from it.

Read on to find out 12 reasons why you should absolutely take the ride up to the Bronx this summer.

We recommend avoiding this glorious island on major holidays, as It's only one lane in and out, and traffic is no fun.

When it comes to day-trips and low key opportunities to eat out, though,

With some of the best casual seafood restaurants in the galaxy Don Coqui (Seashore, Crab Shanty, and Lobster House) / Em>, you'll eat well this summer in City Island.

Also, plane lovers, be sure to stop by The Nautical Museum , and history lovers, check out the Antique stores lining City Island's main avenue.

2. The F Loating Pool (Tiffany Street and Viele Avenue)

Summertime pools are essential in NYC. This particular pool is situated atop a boat permanently moored to the East River. Have you ever wanted to swim on a boat? This may be your moment. You own it. You better never let it go.


Barretto Point Park is dope enough on its own without having a pool on a boat. It's encapsulated by an amphitheater, a handball court, a basketball court, and a playground.

And, you know, swimming in a pool on a boat.

3. Wave Hill (West 249th Street)

Do you love nature? Then you absolutely need to get to this 28-acre public garden and cultural center, which boasts flower gardens, an alpine house, the multitude of green houses, and a cultural center.

The view in this garden will steal your breath, while the sun drapes over the hundreds of flowers.

Wave Hill's mission is to celebrate the artistry and legacy of its gardens and landscapes, and to explore human Connections to the natural world. All in all, it's a pretty incredible place.

Their summer events include yoga chair, the gallery tour, and outdoor music with Katie Mullins. Orchard Beach

Sitting on the Long Island Sound, Orchard Beach, and Promenade is the Bronx's only public beach. And going to the beach is a mandatory summer activity, so this is sort of essential.

Orchard Beach is 1.1 beautiful miles long, and has a ton to do. By that, we mean it has food carts, playgrounds, picnic areas, and 26 courts for basketball, volleyball, and handball.

It also has a huge parking lot if you are planning on driving. Though, beware of the $ 7 parking fee.

Lifeguards are on duty here 10 a.m. To 6 p.m., and we can not think of a better way to end your beach day than with stroll down the promenade.

5. Van Cortlandt Park (Broadway and Vancortlandt Park South)

This giant, 1,146-acre park is the third largest park in NYC.

, The last of NYC's native woodlands, and the Van Cortlandt Golf Course, which was the nation's first municipal golf course when it opened in 1895.

This summer at Van Cortlandt Park, there will also be free classes, barefoot dancing, and a number of free concerts. Check the park's full schedule here.

  • Adam Floyd