In Ecuador transplants grow 574% in five years

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The transformation of Ecuadorian society around the delicate issue of donation is beginning. Citizens, doctors, technicians and public and private institutions are joining efforts to locate Ecuador on the map of Latin American transplants.

This is demonstrated by the recent study published by the National Institute of Donation and Transplantation of Organs, Tissues and Cells (Indot). In 2011 there were 443 transplants of various kinds. While in 2012 the figure increased to 563, implying an increase of 27%. The data are more accentuated when it is verified that in 2009 they were 180 and in 2007, the transplants only amounted to 98. That means that in five years, these operations have grown by 574%. triggered the number of transplants in the country: "Until a year ago there was no own tissue bank. This streamlines the process considerably because we do not have to import fabrics from the USA, as we did before. Last year 200 corneas were processed, of which 180 have been used. We are improving, but we still have work to do, "said Indot director Diana Almeida.

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