30 tattoos purrrfectos to pay tribute to our eccentric cats | Upsocl

Are you sick of cats and still do not have a nice tattoo with which Can you proclaim your obsessive love for them? Then this list is perfect for you. There are all types: realistic, colorful, geometric, caricature, minimalist, exaggerated, film ... Inspire yourself with these and think what you will do to honor strange, particular and furry cats.

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1. Taken from the film Life aquatic

2. Attentive

3. Game Mode 4. Brothers

5. Eyes

6. Goodbye

7. Here I go in my table

8. Geometric and grumpy

9. Delicates

10. "Hello, what's back there?"

11. Bread 12. All a canvas

13. Parties

14. Playing with space

15. Of roses

16. Feline ability

17. Sleeping

18. Many

19. It stretches

20. Howl Howling Wolf

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21. The flowers and him

A photo posted by Karolina Skulska Tattoo Maker (@skvlska) on Jul 15, 2016 at 2:39 am PDT

22. It is cold

23. Colorful

24. The face

25. Hunting a fish

26. In the perfect place

27. Geometric and organic

  • Adam Floyd