Miss Asia !: Taeyang surprises IU by the white day?

It is a well-known fact that IU has been a Big Bang Taeyang fan since ... ever. Today it must have been his lucky day, as his beloved Idol received a heart-hug nothing more or less than in the middle of the stage!

'Inkigayo' MCs IU, Nicole, and Hara to talk about their return. For the interview, the three girls decided to ask fan questions to create a memorable interview. One of those questions, sent by a fan called "A sunflower that just looks at Taeyang ', asked:" The white day is approaching, who will give Taeyang candy? "

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Coincidentally , IU, who wore a crown made of small sunflowers, which his companions of MC also carried, curiously "Was that question really sent by a fan?"

IU denies his suspicions and said " Taeyang chose an action on the words and drew her in a cute hug that had all the cameras and the envy of the fans focused on her!

IU obviously could not hide his expression of joy, while others burst into laughter.

In case you have missed it, see a hug clip, look below.

  • Adam Floyd